Fore Seasons Golf Lounge, LLC

Terms and Conditions

**Indoor Golf Simulator Online Booking Policy**

1. To book online please click through from our website on the book now buttons, which will then re direct to use

2. Customers can pre-book simulator bays and tee-times online up to 30 days in advance.

3. Customers can book no more than 2 consecutive hours each time and no more than 2 times per day.

4. Cancellations of bookings must be at least 24 hours in advance either online via the central booking system or in-person at Fore Seasons Golf Lounge office building during regular business hours. Failure to cancel within 24 hours will result in the loss of any booking fees paid.

5. Cancellations of bookings before 24 hours will result in a full-refund-credit to their account which can be used for a future booking, no refunds will apply.

6. Account credits are non-transferable.

7. Account credits will expire when dormant (no usage) after 12 months and any balances will then be lost, no refunds will be issued.

8. The management reserves the right to revoke any booking or refuse entry.

**Membership Program**

1. All Membership levels enjoy:

            *24/7 access (based on tee-time availability).

*Keyless access code using an app, code, keycard, or other device at the discretion of Fore          Seasons Golf Lounge management.

*Members are allowed to bring one (1) guest per hour free of charge, additional guests can accompany a paid member at a fee of $7.00 per person per hour.

2. Gold and Gold PLUS Members agree to a 1-year contract, Gold PLUS Members receive 1 extra month free (13-months access), auto-renewal until cancelled in writing or in person.

3. Silver or Bronze Memberships are month-to-month and will be charged according to the month the membership is paid (auto-renewal until cancelled in writing or in person)

**Rules and Conditions for Fore Seasons Golf Lounge**

1. Any specific dress code and conduct introduced by the venue must be followed.

2. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

3. Extra care must be taken when swinging golf clubs to safeguard from injury, specifically:

* Practice swing within the bay on the golf mat only

* One person within a bay at any one time

* Be mindful of structural posts, bay dividers, power tees and top tracer screens within the bay.

4. Removing golf balls or golf ball baskets from the site is strictly forbidden, anyone caught will be prosecuted and any credit removed/lost.

5. All golf clubs rented must be returned to the golf reception. Management reserve the right to charge for any golf clubs lost or damaged.

6. Customer will be responsible and liable for any reckless damages caused to the premises.

7. The management reserves the right to govern the use of all golf facilities as deemed necessary.


1. Fore Seasons Golf Lounge, LLC is a limited liability company, licensed and insured in the state of Utah in the United States of America, any complaints, and/or disputes arising from normal and legal operations will be governed by the laws and statutes forthwith in the city of Ephraim, the county of Sanpete, in the State of Utah.  All Rights Reserved.

2.Fore Seasons Golf Lounge will not accept any liability for accidents or injury, inside or around its place of business due to neglect, or illegal activity.

3. Fore Seasons Golf Lounge will not accept any responsibility for the loss of or damage to property belonging to any customers, including all car parking areas.

4. Customers and bystanders are expected to abide by the rules and conditions of the business posted online and/or inside the building.

5. Customers and bystanders play at their own risk.

**Rights and Conditions**

1. Any paid member, customer, bystander, or patron who misuses any equipment inside or outside the facility at the Fore Seasons Golf Lounge, or interferes with the enjoyment of other, will have all privileges terminated immediately.

2. In the event of termination by Fore Seasons Golf Lounge management, the member, customer, bystander, or patron will lose all and any credit balance, membership dues paid, and will be responsible for damages caused, and may be subject to prosecution, and will be held liable for any and all legal fees associated with such legal action as necessary for his or her negligence pertaining to laws, ordinances, or bylaws within the jurisdiction of the act.

3. Any disputes or complaints must be put in writing for the attention of the General Manager.

**Data Collection**

By registering online, in person, or any other form of data collecting efforts, I agree to be contacted by Fore Seasons Golf Lounge management, employee, or contractor in order to promote new services, offers, and promotional activities.  Removal from such attempts to be contacted can be requested in writing.